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On the Hook This Rainy Evening….

Crochet Teaser!

I’m making progress on my next baby afghan pattern, the next in my series of Baby Afghans for Every Season. This one will be for the month of March. Can’t wait to see this develop!

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Kitties in Spring . . .

Every spring, we have a “crop” of kittens —
which out here in the country is a necessary thing!
Everyone is looking for kitties to live in the barn or hunt near the house,
to keep the pests at bay!

We are usually able to give them all away,
and they definitely come “pre-loved” as part of the package (courtesy of my daughter) —
who had better marry someone with the last name of Dolittle,
as much as she loves animals,
and would probably keep them in her closets and drawers if we let her!

We often pick a cute one to keep for ourselves.  This one is my choice this year!

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I’m now joining in to “Sew Twelve”

I’ve needed some motivation lately to get back to sewing —
dresses for my daughter and I, and bags for my shop —
and I’ve come across Sew Twelve at ChickPea Sewing Studio!


Hopefully, by posting pictures and viewing others’ inspiring sewing pictures,
I’ll be able to catch up on my many sewing projects!

~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~

Here is a glimpse of my sewing area:

Not pictured is my Serger that resides on another table in the room,
so my daughter and I can share — there is always a traffic jam at the Serger!
It truly is my favorite toy/tool!

~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~

I’ve had this sewing machine for going on 20 years this June,
and my oldest son (now age 17) made this flower for me when he was probably 6 or 7!
This machine has traveled along with us through so many moves,
I honestly don’t know how it’s survived!

~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~

Anyone else have to be FIERCELY protective of their sewing scissors?
I finally bought another pair of Fiscars the other day,
after my final pair in the house would only cut about an inch at a time!

~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~

New pics to come soon, as I’ve completed a few bags I hope to add to my shop soon!