This is truly my favorite video.
Cory and her sister Betsy are an inspiration to me.

You can watch the first of 15 videos here, and find the rest in my YouTube channel here:

The Hiding Place Playlist

If you haven’t read the book, the Hiding Place, I highly recommend it.


Just some of the beautiful things you can find over at Etsy —
not my own items, but items from crafts that I love!

Click on the group of pictures above —
it will take you pictures you can click on to view these items in greater detail!

What an incredible satellite picture!

I just have to share these two videos with you, referred to me by a Ravelry friend!

These videos teach how to begin a double-crochet row with a double crochet,
instead of the usual ch3.

The chain 3 usually leaves a loop that just doesn’t blend well with the rest of the dc’s.

The first video teaches the method using just one color …

and this next video teaches the method when working a color change …

I wish I had learned these methods 10 years ago when I taught myself crochet!

Hope this has been helpful!

Still just in the concept stage, but this would be a wonderful stove to cook on . . .

What a great way to score a run!

Watch for it at around 0:20 seconds!