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More knitting . . . and still waiting!

I’m still working on mini secret projects over here, and here is another sneak preview:

I also thought I’d share one of my favorite steps in knitting . . . the Kitchener Stitch — the 8-ball way!

When it came time to learn the kitchener stitch, I found it easier to make the stitches very loose. (pretend you don’t see that the yarn used in the pics looks suspiciously like the yarn in one of my mini secret projects!)

Then, I needed something to put in the sock to spread out the work so I could lay the stitches flat (kind of like darning a sock) — well, at the time, the children had this miniature pool table set up in the living room, right near where I was working; the light bulb went off! I took a pool ball from the table, and dropped it into the toe of the sock! (the pool table is long gone, but I still have the 8-ball!)

I begin working from right to left, and with my yarn needle tighten the stitches to match the tension of the surrounding stitches.

I found this to be so helpful — all the stitches are even, none bigger than the other. When I first learned this stitch for joining the toe, I tried just holding the sock flat, and tightening as I went, but it looked horrible — my 8-ball kitchener method was just the trick!

I don’t know if everyone loves this step or hates it (I’m also one of those weird seamstresses who really like putting in zippers!), but I really get satisfaction in hiding this join in plain sight! And the 8-ball makes it super-easy!

Oh, and we are continuing to wait for the postman to deliver our bare dyeing yarn!

~ Not yet, Mommy! ~
~ Not yet, Mommy! ~