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Happy Saturday Morning – More Knitted Sock Patterns

Sock knitting is relaxing for a lazy Saturday morning, and what a great idea for gifting to those special people on your Christmas list! Here are more sock knitting patterns from our Etsy and Ravelry shops to add to your pattern library….

Fish and Chips

Emerald Isles

Cerise Interweave

Ivory Pallisades

Honeycomb Socks

Amber Waves

Blue Bell

You can find these patterns here on Etsy, and here on Ravelry.

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It’s Been a While…

…since I’ve highlighted the KNITTED SOCK PATTERNS of my Etsy and Ravelry shops. So I thought I’d share some with you today, and maybe more tomorrow as we begin the weekend!

I really enjoy knitting socks! It’s a great project to carry in my purse for those times when I find myself waiting for an appointment; I can pull it out and work on a few rounds, and it takes my mind off the wait!

Coral Cables
Lazy Days Cables
Babbling Brook
Lotsa Sugar
Ribbon Candy
Spun Gold Honeycomb

You can find these patterns here on Etsy, and here on Ravelry.

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I’ll be back tomorrow morning with more sock patterns!

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Spun Gold Honeycomb Knitted Sock Pattern

All of my sock patterns have been discounted to $3.00!

And, you can now purchase them here in my blog, through Ravelry —
whether or not you are a member of Ravelry!

I’ll add these sock knitting patterns a few at a time here
over the coming days, so check back!

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These comfy socks feature a special smocking stitch
that imitates the look of a golden honeycomb!

These socks feature —
~ cuff-down construction
~ smocking sock design!
~ heel flap that carries smocking design down the back of the heel —
perfect for wearing with clogs!
~ rounder, smoother heel design!
~ stretchy design will fit most women’s feet!

This pattern features —
~ 8-page pattern
~ 15 full-color photos of the many steps in the pattern!
~ detailed step-by-step, easy-to-follow instructions!

For those of you in Ravelry, you can find it using this link!

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