I wanted to share with you the beautiful socks knitted by Bonnie
(aka GrizzlyGirl on Ravelry)!

Boyenberry yarn socks customer pic 1

She has called them “Boysenberry Mad Color Weave”,
and they were made using my Boysenberry sock yarn.

Boyenberry yarn socks customer pic 3

Bonnie has chosen the perfect pattern for this variegated yarn —
“Mad Color Weave” by Tina Lorin!

Boyenberry yarn socks customer pic 2

Lovely stitching, Bonnie!

Bonnie has many other beautiful knitting projects —
you can see them on her Ravelry project page,
and lots more gorgeous photos in her Flikr album,
devoted to knitting pics!

Thank you, Bonnie, for sharing your work!


I wanted to share with you the lovely socks that Margo (aka margokp on Ravelry)
made using my Ribbon Candy Socks pattern!

Caribbean Cruise Socks

Caribbean Cruise Socks

These socks were knitted using “Blue Hawaiian” by Carpe Dye ‘Em!

What a lovely colorway for this pattern — especially since
these socks were knitted while on a cruise!

These socks definitely conjure visions of blue waves!

Caribbean Cruise Socks -- closeup

Caribbean Cruise Socks -- closeup

Beautiful stitching, Margo!

Margo is definitely a “crafty” lady — visit her blog, “Just a Girl With Glue”,
to see some of her endeavors!

Thank you, Margo, for sharing your work!

I wanted to share with you the lovely socks that Linda (aka MomofTwins on Ravelry) made with a skein of the Jewell’s Handmades sock yarn!

~ Little Roses, knitted using "Tea Rose" ~
~ Little Roses, knitted using “Tea Rose” ~

~ "Tea Rose" sock yarn, by the Jewell's Handmades ~

These socks are called “Little Roses”, and were designed by Linda herself! You can find the PDF file in her blog here! This link will take you to Ravelry, where you will find this free pattern! And while you are there, be sure to notice her other sock pattern, the beautiful Spring Pools, also found here on her blog!

You can read about and see more of her beautiful knitting in Linda’s knitting blog!

Thank you, Linda, for sharing your work!