ABOUT the Jewell’s Handmades

I am Beth, a home-schooling mother of 5 living in Arkansas.
I have developed a love for crocheting, knitting, and sewing,
so I thought this would be a great place to share my experiences!

My daughter Hannah, age 23, is very skilled at crochet and sewing as well.
With the creative talent she has been gifted with,
she is a great help and fun crafting partner!

4 thoughts on “ABOUT the Jewell’s Handmades

  1. Hi Beth
    You have a gorgeous family and gorgeous yarns! That is a double gift!
    I will be buying from you in the near future, love your yarns!


  2. I was admiring your handiwork and remembering when you first learned to quilt, and our Monday night cross stitch group. Love the pictures, too, especially the little red-head. 🙂


    1. Hello Christine!

      I’m so glad you stumbled across our blog! I’ve been taking a sort of summer vacation from blogging, but I’m sure we’ll pick up in the fall!

      So good to hear from you — yes, I often think of the crafting days we’ve shared! I’ve pretty much given up on cross stitch — no patience and I think I’m encroaching on bifocal days . . . ; )

      And have to say, I’m certainly glad Daniel kept his red hair!

      Hope and pray you are all well!



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