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New knitting books . . .

Not much time for blogging today — we spent about 5 hours in town today
to give away some of our baby kittens . . .

new kittens

This picture is when they were a few days old,
but now they’re weaned and ready for a new home!

Everyone must be at the lake, or celebrating graduation this weekend,
because we came home with only one less kitten —
sigh, maybe next weekend!
(anybody want a kitten?)

NOW . . .

just had to share some new knitting books I’ve found recently!

new knitting books

The toe-up sock book is one I’ve been wanting for some time,
and between the two other books, I now have access to over
300 more knitting stitches!  I’ve been just pouring over these books!

The only one I’m waiting for is “Sock Innovation” by Cookie A.

Just . . . can’t . . . wait . . . !

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“Confessions of a Knitting Heretic” by Annie Modesitt

Just a reminder that I have this book for sale on Ebay!

confessions of a knitting heretic 1“Confessions of a Knitting Heretic” — EBAY LISTING

The listing ends tomorrow around 1:52 pm CST.

Anyone who is a Combination knitter, or
a Continental knitter who struggles with the purl stitch,
this book will help you tremendously!

I’ve finished with it, and wanted to pass it along to help someone else!

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~ Customer Photo Gallery ~

I wanted to share with you the beautiful socks knitted by Bonnie
(aka GrizzlyGirl on Ravelry)!

Boyenberry yarn socks customer pic 1

She has called them “Boysenberry Mad Color Weave”,
and they were made using my Boysenberry sock yarn.

Boyenberry yarn socks customer pic 3

Bonnie has chosen the perfect pattern for this variegated yarn —
“Mad Color Weave” by Tina Lorin!

Boyenberry yarn socks customer pic 2

Lovely stitching, Bonnie!

Bonnie has many other beautiful knitting projects —
you can see them on her Ravelry project page,
and lots more gorgeous photos in her Flikr album,
devoted to knitting pics!

Thank you, Bonnie, for sharing your work!