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Some family pics . . .

Here are some pictures that I’ve been meaning to send to my family —
thought I’d list them here!

Hannah and her little dogs — the black one just had puppies!

Seth (sunburned from work)

Micah (also has some sun from his job)

The older boys and Daddy — hard to believe they are as tall
or taller than Daddy! (and Daniel being Daniel!!)


Daniel, his missing teeth, and his school box
(on which is the stickers he’s begun to earn for working hard in school!)

Daniel, with sore throat, reading and petting new baby puppy!
(and I think a few crumbs of lunch still on his face …)

Seth just got his first car, 2004 Camry — here are a few pics:

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Kitties in Spring . . .

Every spring, we have a “crop” of kittens —
which out here in the country is a necessary thing!
Everyone is looking for kitties to live in the barn or hunt near the house,
to keep the pests at bay!

We are usually able to give them all away,
and they definitely come “pre-loved” as part of the package (courtesy of my daughter) —
who had better marry someone with the last name of Dolittle,
as much as she loves animals,
and would probably keep them in her closets and drawers if we let her!

We often pick a cute one to keep for ourselves.  This one is my choice this year!