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We’ve got green beans!

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The whole family picked green beans in the cool of the evening last night —
we were very surprised at just how many beans were ready for picking!

garden - green beans 06-09-2009

Last year’s crop was not nearly as successful as this,
and there are still twice this much still on the plants waiting to fill out!

garden - green beans 06-09-2009 - 2

Today, we’ll be snapping, blanching, and freezing!

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I also have a few more teaser pics for you —
projects that I’ll be sharing with you probably by the end of the week!
You’ll remember this one . . .

teaser Bridal Bouquet dishcloth

. . . now to be joined by these.

teaser Deep Sea Fishing

teaser #3

Stay tuned!

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Oh, and this is what our house smells like at 9:30 this morning!

wheat bread

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Let’s play catch up . . .

There have been lots of things going on since my last post —
so I’ll just list the highlights!

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We’ve received a lot of rain in the last month or two,
and every time we wanted to go out to tame the jungle of
tall grass and weeds on our land, it would rain some more!

But we were finally able to beat it back into submission —
with the help of Daddy, Mommy, and every one of the children,
including the 4-year-old!

Daniel and Mommy mowing

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We have made our own homemade whole wheat bread for quite some time.
The other day I was going into the grocery store, when one of the employees
asked if I made homemade bread to sell.  I told her I don’t usually do that,
but I’d be willing to make her some bread every week.

The first loaf got raving reviews, so she has requested two loaves a week —
one all-white, one half white/half wheat.

Since I don’t usually make all-white bread, I spent this afternoon
making an experimental loaf just to make sure I’ve got it right
before I make her loaves on Wednesday!

white bread loaf

Turned out yummy!

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I’ve been having a lot of fun with our new (to us) flat top stove!
I thoroughly enjoy not having to clean up spills beneath the coils of our old stove —
since only two of the four old coils worked faithfully anyway, this is a real treat!
(the oven clock does work — we’re just timing bread!)

new stove

We also have a new kitten in the house!  Our outside mommy kitty had a
litter of six kittens, so Hannah got to pick her favorite to bring in,
and hopefully we’ll be able to give the other five away!
Considering we live in the country where everyone needs a
barn cat, that shouldn’t be too difficult!

This is Graycie!


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I’ve just finished another knitted sock pattern — I’ve called it . . .

Rings of Heather

Rings of Heather 1

You can find it in my Etsy shop, along with my other sock patterns,

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I also have the book
“Confessions of a Knitting Heretic”
by Annie Modesitt
listed on Ebay!

confessions of a knitting heretic 1

I remember how much this book helped me when I first began knitting!

I did not like the English method – just seemed too inefficient to me.
But I had a horrible time trying to master the Continental purl stitch.
Combination knitting, with Annie’s clear explanation of the stitches
and how they lay, was a real eye opener to me!

I have now moved on to Continental knitting – finally got that purl stitch –
but I just remember how much this book helped me make the transition.

If you are interested, you can find the listing here:

“Confessions of a Knitting Heretic” on Ebay

The auction ends on May 30, somewhere around 1pm CST.

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