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Still crocheting — new things to share!

To my friends here at The Jewell’s Handmades —

Changes in our family’s health have made it difficult to
add new crochet patterns recently, but I am still crocheting!
To those of my friends and blog followers who do not crochet,
many people (myself included) find crochet a therapeutic and relaxing hobby.

It is because of this that I have decided to
put aside pattern design (and the stress that it brings) for a time —
my previous patterns will still be available —
and focus on my recovery (as well as my family).

I have, however, joined 2 FaceBook groups that are encouraging their members
to crochet just one granny square block a day.
Kind of way to encourage each other to finish crochet projects, one block at a time.

When I saw this, I knew that this was something I could still do.
I’ve decided to attach these square (at least the first 169 of them)
for an afghan for our king-sized bed.

My thinking is this:
at the end of this project — and for years to come —
I will have a visual reminder of how block-by-block,
or in this case day-by-day,
God has held me by the hand and led me through His path to healing.
It may not be easy, but He is with me,
providing grace,
for each step of each day.

For the crocheters among you,
I thought I would share these squares with you,
along with the links to the patterns,
so you could enjoy these as much as I have.

I will begin by giving you the links to the 2 FB groups I have joined
(if you are interested in joining as well),
and then over the next few days I will “catch you up”
on the square I’ve made so far in 2014
(some days there will be more than one block).

Any feedback is appreciated,
and certainly any questions RE
The Jewell’s Handmades patterns are welcome!


~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~


~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~

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