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So I ripped out some knitting . . .

. . . and began again!  This time, I think I got more of what I’m looking for!

I wanted to do a series of large X’s and small O’s — you know, for kisses and hugs!
But in yesterday’s version, everything was just so close together,
you couldn’t really make them all out!

Sock problem

Plus, the cuff “k1, p1” repeats just made the knit stitches too loose.
Since I was so far into the sock before I noticed all these things,
I just thought, “okay, I’ll keep going anyway.”
Fortunately (yes, fortunately), I ran into another problem.

They were way too big!

So I was forced to begin again — no way around it.  Which, as I said,
is a good thing, because now I’m able to incorporate the changes
I was too lazy to make when I should have.

Here’s a “Jewell’s Handmades blog-reader’s exclusive” of the progress so far!

xo socks

Believe it or not, I did not change that much — I just added a few knit rows
between each X, increased the purl stitches between motif rows from one to two,
and changed the K1 in the cuff to “K1 tbl”.  But what a dramatic difference!

This is much closer to what I had in mind for this sock,
so I’m very pleased, and motivated to finish it soon!

I’ll keep you guessing on the name of this sock, and I’ll the pattern here,
in my Etsy shop, and on Ravelry as soon as it’s finished!

3 thoughts on “So I ripped out some knitting . . .

  1. Ok- the first one is still very interesting…but the second one is much much better! I’m so impressed that you can play around with designs like that. I’m still very much in the ‘gripping the pattern with one hand and trying to knit with the other’ stage. Good thing for knitters like me that there are knitters like you!


  2. thank you for the first comment on my blog 🙂 green is my favourite colour too!

    the second sock looks much better, i’m impressed!


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