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For those of you on Ravelry . . . or for those of you who should be!

I’ve noticed that I usually link my newest sock patterns to my Etsy shop, and I don’t want to forget those that are on Ravelry.

You can find my patterns listed here in my Ravelry shop . . .

and you can learn more about our everyday 20%-30% discounts here at my designer page!

The reason I have taken the time to provide pictures of each of these pages is because, IF it is possible that ANYONE out there has not joined Ravelry, you are really missing out on a valuable and enjoyable resource!

If you’d like to know more about Ravelry, you can see lots more examples of what Ravelry can do for you here!

There’s even a video tour!

And a blog!

Okay — can’t say enough about Ravelry! So when you sign up — or for those of you who are already there — stop by the Jewell’s Handmades for a visit!

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