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Lessons in flexibility . . .

In a way, I enjoy not having a defined inventory of specific colors that I keep in my shop.

For one, it allows me to dye the colors that appeal to me at the moment.  I have different moods — bold colors or pastel, bright or dusky, semi-solid or variegated — and it’s great to have the freedom to just go with it as it comes!

Then there is the fact that often times, what happens to the yarn when I apply the dye just wasn’t what I had in my head — then I need to “improvise”!  This happens quite often; it’s frustrating at first, because I really wanted that certain color combination, only to find out, “oh, that’s not it!”  But then I step back, figure out what it needs, and then end result is not even close to what I had in mind originally, but a whole new combination!

These skeins are the result of this type of dyeing session!

My husband tells me after times like this that even though it wasn’t what I had in mind, someone will like them, and he’s always been right!  These skeins will be available in my Etsy shop tomorrow!

Another skein that I have worked up and will be listing tomorrow is from my September Sock Club.

~ Cranberry ~

I sent the Cranberry yarn out with our newest pattern — Lazy Day Cables Socks!

~ Lazy Day Cables Socks ~
~ Lazy Day Cables Socks ~

I am no longer going to offer a Sock Club membership — after being so sick last month, and with a family of seven, I realize that to make a firm commitment to something outside the home at the moment could eventually become a burden rather than something to enjoy.

BUT, I will still be listing hand-dyed yarn and sock patterns on a regular basis — so stay tuned!

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