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From the dye table . . .

Well, the skein from my last post has finally dried, and you can find VIOLETS listed in my Etsy shop!

~ VIOLETS semi-solid ~
~ superwash merino, fingering weight ~
~ superwash merino, fingering weight ~

And now, I begin the wait! I’ve got 2 orders that I’m waiting on for more bare yarn, and I’m eager to get my hands on it! Right now, I’m finishing up my dyeing for the September Sock Club, and then I’m going to be getting ready for my October Sock Club, as well as dyeing up many more semi-solid skeins — so I’ve got my eye on that mail truck!

We play this game when we’re waiting for the mail truck around here! Out on the rural mail routes, the carriers use pickup trucks, and our box is down the hill at the road. Since we live at the end of a 2-mile dirt road, most likely if we hear a vehicle coming down the road around 10:30am, it’s the mail truck.

~ we're waaaay down at the end! ~
~ We're waaaaay down at the end! ~

So, all the children know, if Mommy is expecting a package, they peer out the window, look through the dense cluster of trees out at the road, and try to see if the truck is stopping at the box, or coming up the driveway. When it comes up the driveway, (maybe something too big for the box?!) this yarn dyer is excited! Of course, I’m sure I’m the only one to play this game! =)

I’m going to lay low for the rest of today to try to shake this 24 hour headache I seem to have — I’ll be back tomorrow with updates on some of my other current knitting projects!

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