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Okay, let’s play “project catch-up”!

Whew — would you believe this is the first chance I’ve had to sit down all day?! Okay, well, I did try to sit down two other times to write here — but then it was off here, and off there!

Okay, so let me recap what I’ve been up to craftwise the last few days!

First, the Watercolor Afghan made a little less progress than I’d hoped over the weekend, but Hannah and I are still nipping away at it bit by bit!

~ Watercolor afghan ~

As you can see (hers is on the left), she’s still beating me! Crochet-lightning, that’s Hannah!

Secondly, I’ve begun a mini secret project that I’ll just give a knitting teaser for:

Stay tuned for more on that — they’ll be revealed over the next several weeks!

And finally, the really fun stuff — more hand-dyed yarn!


Yes, this is the best picture that I can give you for now! Did you know that a watched skein of wool yarn simply does not dry?!! I should have it listed in my shop sometime tomorrow!

And now, I’m waiting for a few shipments of bare yarn for dyeing — I’ll have to wait to list more yarn in my shop until the beginning of September, but I’m planning to expand my inventory of yarn to include a wide variety of semi-solid skeins!

Can’t wait! Stay tuned!

2 thoughts on “Okay, let’s play “project catch-up”!

  1. Beautiful! Love the Violets – too bad DH has said “stop!!!” But I am knitting up the new skien I just bought from you and it is lovely. I am designing a pattern called Little Roses, which is just perfect in your soft squishy and soft colored yarn. Thank you! You’ll see it on Rav when I get going. Just did a prototype, and frogged it with the intention of starting the real thing.


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