Our little piece of the country!

Well, living in small town is just wonderful — except when it comes to doing the grocery shopping! Then, I have to drive about an hour to our nearest big town!

~ Booneville, Arkansas ~

Booneville is a great place to live, lots of beautiful land, and the friendliness you’d expect in a small town.

And because we are situated in the Ozarks, the scenery is just lovely — beginning right on our little dirt road!

The drive actually doesn’t seem to be that long — moving at 55 mph for 45-60 minutes seems a lot quicker of a trip than stop-and-go traffic for a shorter distance but the same amount of time! It’s also much more pleasant!

We’ll see you when we get home!

3 thoughts on “Our little piece of the country!

  1. Boy! I thought I came from a small town, but I think an hour to the grocery store beats me!

    You’re right… living surrounded by such beauty is definitely a perk!


  2. Hello, Beth!
    This is your little cousin Debra all grown up! My dad (your Uncle Bill) forwarded me the link to your blog, and I’ve loved looking at your gorgeous yarns and beautiful family. I’m adding your link to my “favorites” and will drop in on your site regularly to keep up with you. I’d love to hear from you, too!


  3. I probably should have clarified, carriestrine — we do have a grocery store here in town, but Walmart Supercenter beats their prices far and away!

    So, while I can stop in for a few things if I need them, we really try to plan it where we do our big grocery shopping trips to Ft. Smith!

    They say they’re going to have a Supercenter built here by sometime next year — we’re looking forward to saving gas and being able to shop locally!


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