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Friday with the family!

I thought I would devote Fridays to sharing some of the happenings in the Jewell family home!

Here is a picture of our family — this picture is about 2 years old, but you can at least put a face to the different names I mention!

~ the Jewell Family ~
~ the Jewell Family ~

Now boy #2, Micah, is very much interested in woodworking these days. A friend of ours is currently helping us repair our roof, and he has many years of contractor experience. When he saw how much enthusiasm Micah had for the woodworking aspect of the job, he said, “I’m going to make a carpenter out of that boy!” (spoken with a heavy Cajun accent)

So now Mommy has a carpenter at her beck and call!

~ Micah, age 14 ~
~ Micah, age 14 ~

(FOR YOU CAT OWNERS: the cat in the background — I usually call her a “lump” — was just sitting there staring while we were taking pictures. You know, that stare that says, “I am intently looking at at prey, watching it’s every move!” — only to go over and find out that the cat is intently staring into space with a vacant brain! I’ll never understand ’em!)

So, the first thing I needed was a container or two to store my yarn dyeing supplies! The first project was a caddy for my dye squeeze bottles — nothing finished or sanded, just a way to contain them! Well, not only has this been handy, but I’m about to have him build me another! (Micah wants me to be sure to note that this was built with very crude wood — from a Walmart pallet, no less — and was not intended to look like a polished item!)

~ squeeze bottle caddy ~
~ squeeze bottle caddy ~

Next, I needed something to place my other supplies in — dye stock, utensils, colorwheel, etc. — and we found plans in a wood working book that fit the bill. We made some adjustments, and this is the finished container!

~ supplies container ~
~ supplies container ~

This container is just perfect! He really did a nice job with it!

And Micah even added a personal touch!

Next, I needed two skein winders for the dyed yarn! And Micah stepped up to the task!

~ skein winders ~
~ skein winders ~

Again, just what I wanted, and they work great together! They have adjustable pegs, so I can change the diameter of the skein as needed!

We are also toying around with the idea of making others in the future that lie horizontal, rather than vertical, but these work just the way I need them to!

I’ll be featuring other family members and their adventures every Friday, so be sure to stop back for a visit!

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