Watercolor afghan progress

My daughter and I are working on a special afghan project together (a gift that I can share more about after it’s been gifted). We both love to crochet, so I thought we could make this afghan together!

~ watercolor afghan ~
~ watercolor afghan ~

The pattern is called “English Garden”, found here on Ravelry, from the book Afghans for All Seasons, found here on Ravelry. It is a mile-a-minute afghan, so it’s easy for each of us to work on it at the same time if necessary!

I’m using Red Heart — Red Heart, you ask — why Red Heart after all of those lovely wool hand-dyed sock yarns?!

Well, the answer is simple — I have a need, and the Red Heart yarn has a need!

  • the yarn’s need — to be made into an afghan to show love to someone special!
  • my need — I really need to use up my Red Heart stash!

Isn’t it neat how that just came together?! =)

I’ve chosen Aran, Frosty Green, and Watercolor — I really like this variegated yarn! I like variegated yarns, but I’m kinda picky about how I use them. I don’t really care for an “all-over” variegated look — for me it hides the stitch pattern too much. But when it’s either contained or outlined — or as in this pattern, used as an accent, then it’s okay!

~ Red Heart Watercolor ~
~ Red Heart Watercolor ~

As usual, when Hannah and I work on a crochet project together, I need to increase by a hook size or two — I crochet fairly tight [ I like to think of it as “tight and tidy” =) ], so we will come up with different sized strips if we’re not careful!

We’re hoping to have this completed by the middle to end of September. If we each complete one strip a week, that should help meet our goal!

Help keep us accountable!

4 thoughts on “Watercolor afghan progress

  1. I love those mile a minute afghans. I made one for my sister, and a baby one for someone else. That first part seems to take forever, but then, man, it goes fast.

    I love that watercolor too, and I think I have the same yarn! I made a pair of house slippers out of it. Just to wear in the spring, when I’m sick of winter, but it’s not quite spring outside yet, you know.


  2. I understand — it’s nice to have a pair of pretties for your feet — any time of year!

    And yes — the center of the mile a minute afghans, when it says work 100+ rows, it takes a while, but then it seems to just fly!


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