hand dyed yarn

It starts innocently enough . . .

a clean, well organized yarn dyeing table. An inspiration to experiment and create exciting new colors!

~ well organized yarn dyeing table ~
~ well organized yarn dyeing table ~

Supplies neatly laid out and organized — everything I’ll need to make just the colors I want!

~ supplies neatly arranged ~
~ supplies neatly arranged ~

The perfect setting to make some quick, tidy color samples, right?

~ the aftermath! ~
~ the aftermath! ~

WRONG! — well, it’s a pretty good system, but there is nothing quick and tidy about it! AND, notice the color wheel is basically tossed aside as part-free-spirit-part-mad-scientist takes over!

And did anyone ever think of remembering gloves?! No, not me!

~ Gloves? Who needs gloves? ~
~ Gloves? Who needs gloves? ~

Next time, I’ll show you the vibrant yarn that came out of this “creative mess”! I’ll just give you a hint — it’s supposed to be 106º here today, and this yarn fits these temperatures perfectly!

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