hand dyed yarn

Newest hand-dyed yarn — named for my daughter!

Wild Sweet Pea
~ Wild Sweet Pea ~

Now this yarn has a little back story!

I asked my daughter (age 13) what colors she’d like me to use next, and she said (of course!) PURPLE! It’s her favorite color, so I set to work! I wanted to have the colors work together as a solid — blending fairly closely — so I chose a true purple, along with fuchsia and plum. I was very pleased with the result!

When it came to naming this yarn, I thought it’d be fun to name it after her. Well, no Hannah Flower to be found with these colors, so I asked my husband about his nicknames for her. His favorite (don’t try to figure it out) is “pea pickle”! I think it started out as “pea pod”, and kind of evolved from there!

It goes without saying that Google could not find the use of “pea” and “pickle” together, let alone as the name of a flower, so I began to focus on “pea”, and Sweet Pea was soon to follow. The wild sweet pea has these exact same colors, so “Wild Sweet Pea” it is!

You can find several more pictures of this yarn here:

the Jewell’s Handmades Etsy Shop

Beth J.

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